All our windows are individually made using Deceuninck system 2500 profile. Deceunink are one of the top 3 companies of its sector in Europe, they have a high profile in over 75 countries across Europe, North America and Asia.

Sizes – All windows are made to order ensuring an exact fit
Security – all windows are internally beaded. We use espagnolette or shoot bolt key locking hardware, we can offer an enhanced security standard PAS 24.
Energy Efficiency – all double glazed units are low E argon filled, we can achieve a ‘A+ rating’ on our windows using Planitherm 1 glass. Triple glazed units are also available.
Styles – bow, bay, shaped, sash
Complementary hardware – we can supply handles in a variety of colours and shapes. The most common we use are white, black, chrome, satin chrome or gold.

Glass patterns